• Alton Beren

    Alton Beren

    Bowyer and Fletcher who works in Baldur's Gate. After a favour from the party is willing to sell to them at a discount.
  • Analdrim


    Elven hunter who lives in Greenrest. Uses silvered arrows to hunt dangerous foes around the town.
  • Daxio


    An enthusiastic dwarf who appeared with Solomon after he went missing for a short time.
  • Dhurrin Greyfingers

    Dhurrin Greyfingers

    A decent warrior and knowledgeable dwarf, Dhurrin is not a man you want to cross.
  • Erinyes


    A powerful fiend released by the party into the world. Its motives and true name are both unknown.
  • Forbael Icegrip

    Forbael Icegrip

    Big and tall, for a dwarf, Forbael is a mighty warrior but lacks the subtlety required to become king without help...
  • Grummore


    Leader of the royal guard of Craghammer and previous bodyguard of the previous Dwarven King.
  • Kineter


    Helpful Gnomish libararian within Greenrest. Was assaulted by Regis but still helps the party.
  • Mayor Vance Stubbs

    Mayor Vance Stubbs

    Retired adventurer who rules Greenrest.
  • Openna


    A halfling woman who runs the Thieves' Guild in Greenrest.
  • Oskut Besrim

    Oskut Besrim

    The new head priest at the temple of helm in Greenrest. Casted the binding spell that keeps Regis in check.
  • Pradir


    A mage defeated by the group previously and taken prisoner. His interrogation yielded little.
  • Sir Terrance

    Sir Terrance

    General known as "Qterrance McFlameSword" to certain individuals.
  • V'hrona


    The murderer responsible for the death of the high priest, she was tracked down by the party and taken into the constabulary.