Nerd Herd

Journey to Cloud Peak

After recovering from a rather fierce battle with giants the group was divided, Thoradin wished to return to Kraghammer and report that a patrol of giants had come so close to the city. Naesala joined him and they both rode off on Nevenir, Naesala promising to return as soon as she could.

Continuing towards the mountains Regis, Solomon, Will, Dhurrin and Derriah recognised the smell of trolls and sent the infamously stealthy halfling to scout it out. Utilising the stone of sending they coordinated an ambush for the lone troll that Regis saw. Unfortunately after he ran out of SMS credit Regis spotted another 5 of the beasts, one of which with 4 arms and the ambush became a heated battle (quite literally). With liberal use of evocation magics, fire arrows and godly protection the heroes took down several of the trolls. Dhurrin was quite outclassed, only managing to evade the trolls long enough for the battle to be over.

After a short rest the party continued towards Cloud Peak and ran into a statue depicting a terrified warrior looking downwards in horror. Will recognised this as the work of a basilisk and using powerful magic turned the warrior back to flesh. The man, a huge 8 foot humanoid that no one recognised, was panicked but was calmed down by Solomon who managed to communicate telepathic images to him. They learnt that the giant man was part of a wandering tribe of humanoids that lived in the mountains and that basilisks live in one of the mountains to the west. The tribesman then left, leaving the party with a decision: do they hunt down and destroy the dangerous threat or continue onto their objective; hoping that the creatures don’t attack them later on.

Pressing on towards the group encountered a ruin which lead into the side of the mountain. Opening his senses the paladin felt the presence of Celestial beings and upon further inspection of the ruins two ghostly apparitions of the same build as the tribesman from earlier appeared. A brief discussion in orcish between Solomon and one of the spirits quickly led to battle, with Solomon being cut down in brutal fashion by the biggest of the apparitions. Another two Celestial beings attacked and the battle was almost lost, but a rather clutch mass cure wounds casting from Will allowed the group to outlast the enemy.

Admitting the groups victory one of the spirits warned the party that they were entering a place of great peril within the mountain and vanished. In the aftermath of the battle Derriah found that one of the apparitions had left behind its massive weapon, a great axe that glistened with cold energy.

Into The Deep
Path to Kraghammer

Finally rested and ready to leave the party returned to the small courtyard containing the panther mounts. Naesala used her animal handling skills to get a mount for the group excluding the rather alien Derriah who summoned his own. Arriving in Nethildine most of the panthers left, eventually just leaving Naesala’s mount. Meeting with Fallon Adarion at the Halla Menel they set up a meeting with the high council of Nethildine.

Eventually trading some of Solomon’s possessions to fund his reincarnation, he manifested as a forest gnome the same height as Regis. Meeting with the council they discussed payment for their actions and were promised the support of the High Elf race against the Orc threat. Eventually being paid 2000gp they bought a few supplies before leaving for Kraghammer.

On the way they ran into a small group of bandits who were quickly intimidated into backing down. Utilising their local knowledge Will persuaded them with promise of food and coin to guide the herd to a suitable entrance to the mountain. Moving through the ravine they were ambushed by hill giants and after firing a few shots, heard the sound of combat being joined above them. A group of dwarves including Thoradin and Grummore, a powerful fighter in spikey armour, were the giant fighters and after a brief reunion escorted them back to an entrance into the mountains.

Not fully trusting the herd, partly because of the advice of Thoradin, Grummore tasked the party with investigating the strange disappearances of several dwarven miners. Leaving Derriah’s warhorse and Naesala’s panther behind they eventually encountered two large spiders, accompanied by four misshapen, purple, spider-like creatures. Exploring deeper into the caves they encountered a strange, slimy and scaled dragon creature that almost swallowed Regis whole.

Death in the family
Vampire Down

Pushing into the crypts the herd ran into a group of mummies but was aided by the sudden arrival of Derriah. After a much needed rest they were ambushed by the elven vampire, later identified as Ievos Joharice. Fighting through several traps and an oozy encounter the group came across a chamber guarded by two animated constructs. During the battle Ievos attacked again, draining the life from Solomon killing him instantly.

Will Feral created a giant scorpion and threw it at the vampire, meanwhile Derriah, Regis and Naesala dealt with the constructs on the front lines. While the constructs were easily defeated the vampire kept regenerating from any blows dealt to it, moving with astonishing speed and hitting and running. Eventually it was pinned down and when it was finally defeated turned into mist. Attacking the mist was useless, but following it revealed a large chamber with a sarcophagus. Derriah had heard of vampires before and staked it, after which Will burnt the body and Regis crushed its bones. Realising he didn’t need Solomon’s whole body Will decided to burn it with the vampire and kept a finger suspended by a necklace around his neck.

After resting the herd returned to explore the rest of the catacombs and came across a magical sword hilt floating above a sarcophagus. Identifying the sword as a sun blade Regis greedily grabbed it, causing an explosion that blinded Naesala and Regis. An undead creature rose from the sarcophagus but was quickly defeated with the assistance of an air elemental summoned by Will. It then transformed into a radiant winged man, that thanked the party for freeing it from its mortal shell. Derriah, uncharacteristically bold, asked if they could keep the sword he was wielding. The creature accepted, on the condition that Derriah was the only one who would wield it.


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